Grand Marketing in Washington, District Of Columbia - Good thing I looked this up!


I am a soon-to-be graduate who was going to take study time away from an important midterm to go interview at this place. The worst part for me is how the phone interview effectively boosts one's self esteem, only to find out that the position is in no way a full time position, it's a total scam!

I was so professional over the phone and now i feel like a fool.

I guess it's my own fault for never asking any questions, but I was busy trying to retain the information i was receiving. What a waste of time.

Grand Marketing, Inc. in Grand Rapids, MI is not what it seems!!

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I applied for a "Sports minded" entry level position for this new sales and marketing firm in Grand Rapids, MI. I was told the owner Taylor typically manages the interviewing process, but he was out of town so a woman by the name of Alicia Key interviewed me over the phone. After a few quick questions, she proceeded to give me a very general overview of the they worked with fortune 500 they worked face to face with their these were services that were desired by the client. Alicia had told me to wear flats, no heels, as I was going to be on my feet and that one of their top sales account managers.

ALL of the positions they are hiring for led you to a meeting at their office suite in Grand Rapids with a group of other interviewees. They called me out into the hallway where they introduced me to a young man who was one of these "managers." He leads me down the stairs and out into the parking lot to his car. I'm thinking a group of us are going to jump in..but no, I was dumb enough to stay in the car. He SPEEDS off and casually shows me a list of addresses....residential addresses. I eventually get out of him that they go door to door unannounced trying to sell people U-verse from AT&T. I get back to my car highly irritated.

For the owner Taylor: be direct about the details of the job. I searched the Internet to find some dirt about this job before I went to the interview THREE hours from my house but this company is a very new company, founded just last year, and there was nothing. And DO NOT think its a wise idea to get your potential employees (mainly female potential employees) to get into a car alone with someone they spoke two words to beforehand.

The job is 100 percent commission based, with "opportunities for advancement" that really means a year later you can be an account manager. The manager I was to follow informed me that as a manager you still are completely relying on those sales for salary, but you get to enter numbers into the system! WOOO! WASTE OF TIME!!!


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This isn't a pyramid scam......barely. I had an interview with "Cohesion Inc.", or rather two days of them, that resulted in a job offer, surprise surprise.

It's not a surprise because when you're hiring people for 100% commission jobs with no benefits, you don't need to be very choosy. Just go in there, speak clearly, and don't say anything too *** and you'll get the job. A job where you can go door to door, working for someone in their early 20's who'll brag about all the fun things they do after work.

I repeat, they risk NOTHING of their own, not even minimum wage, and send piles of suit wearing young people out there to go door to door to sell for AT&T. If that's your thing, good, but be aware.

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I'm glad I came across this site. I had an interview with Cohesion Inc.

(who according to users was formerly Grand Marketing) I went to the interview the first time and everyone was pretty laid back and casual but left the interview with no idea what they actually did. They called me back the same day to schedule a second round interview which they said would be conducted during lunch with some representative. Interview over lunch? Seems very unprofessional.

Not to mention that any company that has to tell you to "Dress business professional" is probably not someone you're wanting to work for. Will not be going to the second round interview.

Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States #616443

I got the call today and it seemed really weird that the girl was laughing while leaving me a message and listening to music in the background. Then I looked at their web page and knew this place was a joke..

I would never work for a company with such a ridiculous web page. Glad this page exists


Warning they have changed their name.

Grand Marketing is now Cohesion, Inc.

Same people, same scam.

Notice that Grand Marketing no longer has a web presence and Cohesion, Inc. puts out the same job postings as before. Cohesion Facebook pages states the company was founded in December 2012.

I assume this name change comes because of all the negative reviews Grand Marketing gets on sites like this.

Be warned. Tell your friends.


So glad I came here! They just called me and the person I talked to on the phone seemed very professional but really didn't give any details on the kind of work I would be doing. I sent them an email to get more details but it looks like they're not going to answer...Thank you so much for sharing these reviews!


Dang, so I went to the 1st interview today for entree level position that Abbey said. An hour later Jerry called me and wanted a second interview tomorrow over coffee.

Then read this blog!

Kinda don't wanna go tomorrow if your paycheck %100 relies on what you sell. wtf


Some red flags started going up in my head when I was reading about the company and never said exactly what they expected from us

"trainees". Did more research, and ended up here. Thanks for all the information and opinions.


Sounds scammy! I just received a phone call from an 'Abby' as well for an entry-level managing position.

They told me the company is in Grand Rapids, MI- I've lived here all my life and have NEVER heard of them before.

Thanks!...I will def. NOT be going!


I just got a call from "Abby in HR" about having an interview tomorrow.I came aross this website and now im unsure about going to this interview. Can someone please help me out?!?!


well *** i had job interview in the morning but *** that ***


I agree with Luke. I'm sorry for everyone that had to go through what they did with this company but am thankful that they were willing to share and keep others (like myself) from making the same mistake.


I know the previous recruiter. She re-did their entire website, social media, blogs, etc.

She no longer works there because they continually lied to her face about their practices. They used her for what they wanted and then didn't care at all when she left (thankfully by choice- although I don't think that was really the case, she isn't willing to talk about it which is not a good sign).

This company is a joke.

I'm just glad she got out when she did... Who knows what else they would have done to her.


Wow, so glad I checked out the company before I applied! They have a lot of ads posted on Craigslist!

No joke theyre posting like everyday! I saw ads that were from Christine, Abbey, and a Natalie!

Definitely a scam! They don't even say who their clients are.


You're part correct. Taylor, Alex, Gerry= "managers/owners".

I use quotes because they know nothing about leadership or maturity (check out the other scam blog. Alex likes to sleep with her employees and Taylor has led the company into bad chioces). Elizabeth actually works at a company called Detroit Business Consulting, which is the same thing. The other names were recruiters.

I wouldnt be to hard on them- they have to bring in 100 people for interviews EVERY WEEK otherwise they get fired. Thats where the scam part comes in


I was contacted today by someone named "Abby." Based on the comments I read & people I talked to theyve had a Alicia, Elizabeth, Kristine, Gerry, Alex, Taylor, Cierra and now this Abby making phone calls and posing as people working in their hr dept.



I'm so glad I came across this site. I'm sorry for everyone's bad experience with this company, but am thankful so that I don't make the same mistake.


Can anyone give actual information on what's going on there? I'm looking for a sales/marketing position but don't want to waste my time with another company that is a scam.


After interviewing with the company yesterday and seeing the office I feel the need to weigh in so that other professionals may be able to make an informed decision.

This company is run by 20 somethings that have had no experience outside of Grand Marketing.

During my interview I overheard a female on her phone, yelling at whoever she was talking to about some employee named Travis. I won't repeat what she said but she was cursing about him and someone named Ashley as well. I'm assuming this is part of the unprofessionalism that others have mentioned. I later found out it was a manager visiting from a Detroit office.

The first interview was extremely short and vague. The only client they work for is AT&T UVerse doing door-to-door sales in West Michigan.

I highly encourage whoever applies or is set for an interview to weigh their options and consider if this is something they would want to attach themselves to. As an experienced sales manager, I was shocked to see what this company is really like.


I was scheduled for an interview but checked out the company first. There is no mention of clients on their website, there is an entire post about how big of a scam it is on a different website, and someone who claims to "work in a similar company" has attacked a pregnant woman and others who spoke the truth about the company.

Needless to say, I didn't go to my interview. Like others on here, I've found the company to be disgusting.


Was scheduled for an interview tomorrow until I saw this. Checked with a classmate that worked here about a year ago.

All these comments are true. I'll skip the interview and save my time and gas money.


I've been contacted by an Andrew, Alex, and a Gerry about coming in for an interview. My boyfriend got a voicemail today from a Christine about the same position!

I went online and checked their job positings.

They have soooooo many on all of the sites. Desperate- probably because its a scam and no one wants to work for them.


Grand Marketing, Inc. is another Cydcor office.

Not their own company at all. I sat through a "premanagement" meeting a few months ago and heard about how GREAT the opportunity was. Basically if you make a certain amount of money within your first four weeks, they'll promote you to "leader." From there you have to keep making a certain amount of sales and then theyll let you take out second interviews which you went on yourself before starting. thats when they lay out the opportunity to try and impulse someone else into starting.

If they start, they're on your "team." Sound familiar? Once you get enough people on your team you can become an assistant manager.

Maintain that and keep doing sales and you'll open your own Cydcor office and keep the cycle going.



OMG! So glad I saw this before wasting my time with an interview.

I've already interviewed with Detroit Business Consulting which is the exact same thing! What is with these people?


I was dumb enough to go to my interview. It's EXACTLY like what everyone here says.

Door-to-door sales, 100% commission, favorites get the "opportunity" and it's run by people ,y age who claim their qualified to mentor. Stop fooling yourselves because your not fooling us.


Thanks for the info. I got an email and a follow up call this afternoon about my resume on career builder.

A resume that's 2 years old and for a feild completely unrelated to real marketing. Gotta be careful with these kind of places.

They like to trick people into working for them. I've interviewed with a company that sold natural gas and tried to pass itself off as a home improvement company.


I got a call from someone from Grand Marketing earlier this week. She said she got my resume from Monste and that it stood out for a new position in their company.

I went to their wesite to check them out and there wasn't very much information. I figured it was a sales sort of job so I wasn't too keen on the idea.

However, when I got three emails from them about this awesome position, I.decided it was too good to be true. I don't particularly like comission based pay, so I think I'll pass on this shady company.


I also went through the interview process where i felt like i was not misled to believe it was something it wasnt. ITS CALLED ASKING QUESTIONS!

And to the person who said that they made $700 in 6 weeks...

ha well you just are not a very hard worker, plain and simple. Thanks for posting though!

to thanks for not accepting! #843299

Questions make liars nervous. Don't you know that!


I have a phone interview with them today. I'm still going to do it to practice my interviewing skills but wonte be taking it.

I have been dealing with a few of these jobs and it's helping me answer question. But, just about anything you tell them they will hire you.

Note to new graduates, if you post your resume online and companies respond within one day of just looking at your resume,think twice and do your research.


They just gave me a call. Idk about anyone else, but I'm sick of having a Bachelor's Degree and not being able to find a legitimate foot in the door for marketing and advertising. Grand Marketing should come out as what they are, there will still be people interested in this type of position (telemarketers, used-car salesmen,etc.)


Thank you Calatelpe very very much! My 21 year old daughter called me earlier to tell me she had been hired by this company.

After her first interview I asked her what the job was, she was unable to tell me. Today she was still unsure of what her position would be. I just finished reading her your post and she said it was exactly as her day went today. Exactly!

So, needless to say she's not accepting it. Thanks so much.


First off listen to you babies. I went on an interview there and if it wasn't for the relocation I would have taken it.

Everyone I met was very professional and I've done my research on the door to door "direct marketing" and its very lucrative. 100% return on investment for the client WOW. But I guess some people just aren't willing to earn it.

I support what they are doing. Maybe they could be more upfront over the phone but over all it looked to me like a smart tactic and a great investment for the client !

to haha wow #843304

What do you mean you didn't accept the job? You work there numbnuts.

That is very obvious. Nice try though...

Thank you for the info! It was a Christine that called me for an interview.

Glad I checked it out first! :)

We received a call from 'Christine' at Grand Marketing (Grand Rapids, MI) tonight. They're on the hunt! We won't be calling them back......


Thanks for posting this! They've been emailing and calling me every day for the past week about interviewing.

I got conned into "interviewing" for a similar position when I first graduated from college - spent an entire day in the middle of summer standing outside a Home Depot (in a suit, since I was supposed to be going to a job interview) with some girl trying to sell hand lotion. I will definitely NOT be calling them back.

:eek thx, i won't bother calling these knuckleheads back...i figured it was a sham since the only name that i could hear on my voicemail was taylor...and sliding the company's name in there quickly. thanks again for not making me waste any time!!

I worked for Grand Marketing for about 6 weeks. I went through the same "interview" process as everyone else I've read about on this and other sites have mentioned.

I was also misled big time about the position. I was a recent college grad thinking I was making a big career move. But I had a little more at stake than most people trying out this job. I was pregnant and had moved across the state (away from everyone and everything I knew) to have a better life.

I was all along in a big city without an income. Salary is based on sales commission and I'm not one to shove a product down a customer's throat, especially since I'm showing up at their door unannounced. I made $700 in the six weeks I worked there, working 11am-8pm M-F and 11am-5pm on Saturdays. I mostly worked alone, meaning I wandered around strange neighborhoods for hours by myself (pregnant), bothering people about a product they didn't want, in any weather conditions.

And I mean ANY. Tornado sirens, Ozone days, severe thunderstorms... It didn't matter. This job took a physical and emotional toll on me and one day I broke down and quit.

My OB-GYN was concerned for my health, my family was worried about me and constantly sending me money to get by, and I was miserable. This company had no concern for my health at all.

My baby was born more than a month early with respiratory issues and I am more than convinced that the stress from this job had a lot to do with that. Job seekers BEWARE!

:zzz They just emailed me for an interview thank God I did some research!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the info!!!!!!!!!!!

I guess the copy and paste didn't work quite well. That should say 28, not 2 sunglasses emoticon guy. Also, the gap between the two paragraphs should not have come out that large either, but whatever.

I interviewed with these people as well. It's a multi-level marketing company (which is code for "barely legal pyramid scheme"), and one that had a highly unstable promotion system. Given how much control (the far worse) Amway has in Grand Rapids, it's not surprising to see more of this stuff. I actually wrote something about Amway, and made reference to Grand Marketing in that, so I am going to copy and paste that here:

My most recent experience with a MLM business was with a Grand Rapids based company called Grand Marketing (the perform door-to-door services on behalf of AT&T Universe). My first interview was interesting enough. The guy in charge looked to be about my age, which I consider to be a red flag (I’m 28), though there is no inherent reason why a younger person cannot be in charge (take multi-billionaire Mark Zuckerberg, for example, who is almost a year younger than myself). His secretary used language that he himself used later, decrying the traditional corporate model (again, another red flag, but not inherently wrong in and of itself, as I have my own issues with corporations). When he first shook my hand, he grabbed it incorrectly, and immediately apologized for doing so. I later found out, at the second interview, that this was deliberate on his part (another applicant mentioned shaking his hand correctly “this time”). Now, that can be just an odd way to break the ice, but it was still a red flag to me. He was rather...energetic...about everything. Again, nothing wrong with that, but it seemed to me like he was really trying to sell the business in a way that felt rather psychologically manipulative. Now, for the second interview (which I stuck around for out of curiosity), things got even more interesting. First, we had to wait around for their little promotion party to end (yes, this was a group thing this time around). Someone was promoted to the second highest level available (at least as far as the basic model goes), which made him the number 2 guy there. It was stated, frequently, how people were “crying” over the whole thing. That was a huge red flag. After that was over, each of us was sent out with a representative to see how they worked. AT&T Universe gives them a list of preferred customers (people who have, at the very least, shown interest in purchasing plans from AT&T Universe, but do not necessarily use any service yet). Then the representative goes door-to-door based on that list. Most people don’t answer the door, especially given the hours that this is done. Those that do answer the door do not purchase anything (in fact, none did that day). This is coupled with the company attitude that a lack of success is entirely one’s own fault. The selling process went exactly as I would have expected from any business...she stuck to the script, and pressed the urgency of purchasing the bundled package now at a discount, rather than at full price later. Then we went to lunch where she showed me the business model. I wish I still had her drawing, but I remember it well enough for my purposes here. Everyone starts out as a trainee, earning their first promotion within two weeks to a month, at which point they become a basic representative. The next level means going around and selling your product, but also of training the new people (obviously, nobody should be training anybody with so little experience). Something like four to eight months you should be promoted again, and become that second guy in charge. After something like eight months to a couple of years, you are supposed to be promoted again...where you would move to your own city and set up the exact same business there. Notice the inherent un-sustainability of this model? This is typical of MLMs, as well as the attitude of failure being your own fault. Obviously, most people are going to fail. I challenged of the employees who continued my interview on this point, which caused her to become nervous and declaring how it was not a pyramid scheme (all while not offering any information to alleviate my concerns).

I'm so glad I looked this up. The description posted is exactly the conversation the lady had with me on the phone.

I've been through this before too with another "Marketing"company in Grand Rapids. They tell you nothing about what you're doing and then have you get into a car with complete strangers and go door to door selling stuff (coupon books in my case).

I too wasted an entire day! I get so mad at these companies who try to scam fresh out of school kids into thinking they can get a great job


Thank you for the posts! i called them back and asked a few "direct" qestions...and needless to say I will not be going to their interview! Saved me a lot of time!


I was to go for an interview tomorrow as well. Guess I'm not doing that.

I had one just like this with a company called Primerica. Same M.O. as Grand Marketing. These companies are similar to the Kirby Vacuum sales force in Grand Rapids.

I went to the same interview process that is probably like Grand Marketing and Primerica. They say you are being hired as entry level management trainees.

They show you the product, how to sale it, and how much you will make per sale. Like they say, if it's too good to be true, it probably is.


It's a shame you're making gross judgements about people looking for careers.


Its a shame that the unemployed arent willing to work..


How unfortunate that they are taking advantage of a Michigan's high unemployment rate and selling individuals a saved me a lot of grief!! Thank you for his post!!


OMG. thanks for posting because I just got a call from that lady, Alicia Key, too for an interview.

Luckily, I feel weird about that company and told them I couldn't go. Lolz..

Thanks for posting this! It did seem way to good to be true :(

Whoa! Thank you for posting this!

I was about to take time off for a something I would have hated. I appreciate the post so much!


Thanks for posting this! I have an interview tomorrow and I just felt like the whole experience was too good to be true!

I appreciate the information. I'll save my time and energy for something that isn't a big waste.


This post was soo helpful! I was going for an interview and was interested in the job, but now that I see its just door to door, I am really not interested now.


This post was soo helpful! I was going for an interview and was interested in the job, but now that I see its just door to door, I am really not interested now.

Josh H.

You are the best for posting this. I have an interview tomorrow with them, and I asked them about what the job is and how it works.

Not once did they tell me about door to door sales ***. They told me with my experience I would be a great candidate to become manager in weeks.
One question I asked when the lady called was about roughly what the salary would be... she told me she wasn't qualified and is not sure what they would put me as - they said since I had done sales before, i would be making better money than the others.
I was so excited about this, because it seemed so professional, now I look back and think to myself, only amazing jobs come if you have amazing connections.

hah! :(

The same thing happened to me with a different company in GR. The woman I was in the car with was going to Holland to do her door-to-door sales pitches and refused to turn around and take me home.

I wasted an entire day with her and her creepy male sidekick who kept hitting on me. Trust me, it was not only the worst experience of my life, but I wasted an entire day.

NEVER EVER apply to a position that has anything to do with "sports marketing".


Thank you so much for posting this, it kept me from wasting my time and money on their *** sccam.

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